Wind power

February 25, 2020 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in East Aurora, New York, supports a variety of wind power projects including: the Gold Standard verified Soma III Wind Farm Project in Turkey; the Verified Carbon Standard verified Capricorn Ridge Wind Project in Texas; and the Verified Carbon Standard verified Wind Based Power Generation by Mytrah Energy Limited Project in India. In addition to the aforementioned projects, Foundation has also historically supported wind projects in Canada and China, along with in the US states of Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

Wind power generates revenue through the sales of renewable electricity and to achieve price parity with traditional fossil fuel energy sources, wind power projects may also generate carbon offset credits and/or renewable energy certificates (RECs). To learn more about renewable energy certificates (RECs), please visit Foundation’s home page along with the Center for Resource Solutions’ Green-e Energy® certification program.

Wind power, along with solar photovoltaic panels and hydroelectricity, is a vitally important renewable energy source, both within the United States and across the world. In the United States, according to the American Wind Energy Association, the ten largest suppliers of wind power are: Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado, North Dakota, and Oregon. In contrast, the top five wind power producing countries in the world, according to the World Wind Energy Association, are China, the United States, Germany, India, and United Kingdom.

Wind power, in addition to generating clean renewable energy, can also provide a host of co-benefits including no air pollution, no water pollution, good-paying local jobs, diversified revenue for local landowners, and an additional tax base for local governments.

To learn more about Foundation’s renewable energy portfolio, including our support for wind projects, please visit our renewable energy page.

Thank you for your support.