Win a year supply of @EcoAlkalines batteries from #Cat5tv!

September 20, 2011

CarbonFree Certified Eco Alkaline Batteries wants to give away a year of batteries for free!!!!!!! Here is the re-post of their contest details: Yeah! The name to remember is Eco Alkalines. These puppies (no, they’re not actually Puppies, but they could power robotic puppies if you have them, so that’s a bonus) are Lead, Cadmium and Mercury free, which means they’re much friendly to the earth than the traditional alkaline, and way friendlier to the earth than rechargeables, which typically leak terrible things into the soils and are also dangerous for the workers who manufacture them. Eco Alkalines also believe in using as much recycled material as possible during manufacturing, and what little (comparitively speaking) carbon footprint they have is offset, and they are the world’s first carbon neutral battery, certified by Carbonfund. Here’s how to qualify: Casting Your Ballots: (You must do at least one of these. The more you do, the higher your chances of winning)  


  1. Visit to learn all you need to know about why eco-friendly Eco Alkalines are something us eco-conscious people can really get excited about.
  2. Optionally register a free account on the Category5.TV web site. By registering your account as part of this contest, the winner will also receive 250 bonus Viewer Points.

CONTEST CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 (Local time to Category5 TV Studios) The contest winner will be announced on Category5 Technology TV’s broadcast on Tuesday September 27, 2011. For the legal details and more information visit: