April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day! 

Today begins the year-long campaign to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary in April 2020.

What will you do to prepare to celebrate this milestone in environmental awareness and conservation? is ready to help you customize a campaign that best fits your company, your group or association, your employees, your customers and your sustainability goals.

Individuals can launch year-long campaigns as well — challenge your family and friends to join in achieving your goals to offset 50 metric tonnes of emissions or offset your life for 2020.

Choose to plant 500 — or 5000 — trees, or plant 50 trees for everyone in your circle by April 2020.

For those who reach high and dream big, we’re offering ways to continue to fund the incredible accomplishments of our Amazonian Rainforest Preservation Projects in Brazil:

  • Raise $20,000 and build a school
  • Raise $15,000 and buy a “schoolbus” or “ambulance” fast boat
  • Raise $10,000 and sponsor the 2020 biodiversity monitoring project
  • Raise $5,000 and help stock a health clinic
  • Raise $5,000 and donate school supplies
  • Raise $5,000 and help to expand the forestry management training courses

We’re ready to customize a campaign to meet your needs and helps make the 50th anniversary of Earth Day a truly significant event!