Wild Planet Adventures for the Eco-Adventure of a Lifetime

February 18, 2011

Ready for the trip of a lifetime, the adventure you’ve always wanted to pursue?  The great folks at Wild Planet Adventures have crafted once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences you’ll never forget! Started in 1991 by an expert wildlife guide with a passion for nature travel and its power to transform lives, the Wild Planet Adventures eco-tours have received broad acclaim by creating extraordinary experiences that deliver the ultimate adventures for wildlife enthusiasts. Every aspect of these Ultimate Wildlife eco-tours is designed to increase the odds of wildlife sightings, with truly “off the beaten path” destinations, expert naturalist guides and special nocturnal wildlife activities. Wild Planet’s guides are naturalists, biologists, or leaders in their field, such as the legendary master guide Koky Porras in Costa Rica, who has helped train many of Monteverde Cloudforest’s world-class guides.  The many intimate encounters with wildlife leave travelers breathless with wonder, a constant reminder that life is precious, and create experiences that inspire, exhilarate and enlighten. Wild Planet Adventures offers a range of tours for individual and group travel, including their signature “Ultimate Wildlife” eco-tour in 10 different countries.  These specially designed itineraries are full of “once-in-a-lifetime” wildlife encounters, rich with meaning and wonder.  A single moment can leave you profoundly and forever changed:

  • Witness an alpha-male monkey kissing a newborn baby on the forehead
  • Cuddle a three-toed sloth in your arms
  • Wander the cloudforest in search of the Resplendent Quetzal
  • Float silently down the headwaters of the Amazon river past an elusive jaguar
  • Dance underwater with playful Galapagos sea lions and penguins
  • Track tigers , leopards, elephants and rhinos deep in the magical forests of India
  • Listen to gibbons sing love duets to their mates from remote treehouses accessible only by ziplines

Wild Planet Adventure’s Ultimate Wildlife eco-tours currently offer unforgettable experiences in Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Galapagos, India, Panama, Peru, Thailand, Laos, Zambia (Africa), and a whale cruise in Baja California.  Their guest testimonials and acclaims such as Fodors’ “Top Ten Must-Do Trips” bear out the quality of the tours. Wild Planet Adventures has been named “One of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure. Wild Planet Adventures specializes in small, one-of-a-kind rainforest lodges, many of which have been featured on the Discovery Channel and top travel magazines. They include exciting tropical treehouses, biological stations, and wildlife refuges that offer breathtaking accommodations and outstanding wildlife viewing opportunities. And their commitment to sound eco-travel practices is evident in the careful planning and the quality and experience of the tour guides.  For Wild Planet Adventures, ecotourism is not just a marketing catch-phrase. It is a term used to describe ethical tourism that focuses on appreciation and preservation of a country’s flora, fauna, ecosystems and culture.   The basic idea behind ecotourism is that visitors to a place can contribute to the environment and support the people who live in that environment.  If the local people can make a living from tourism, then there is less need to burn off the forest for food or hunt endangered animals for the price of their skins.  Wild Planet Adventures hires local guides and drivers and consciously contributes to the local economy, environment and community in each country in which they operate.  Your tourist dollars have a tangible influence in saving the environment, providing jobs, and raising environmental standards.  And all of Wild Planet Adventures trips are certified CarbonFree® by through donations made to offset the carbon footprint of all flights, vehicles, operating carbon of lodges, and the carbon costs of the resources consumed on each trip.  If you’re ready for the walk on the wild side that you’ve always promised yourself, check out the award-winning wildlife eco-tours with Wild Planet Adventures, and pack your backpack!