What are You Doing to Go Green?

May 11, 2011

It’s a question we’re all seeing, reading and hearing, but are we answering it?  Virtually every company is now considering what environmental sustainability means to their markets and business. Many companies have already taken aggressive steps and many more are considering when they should begin and how to get started. Your company may be one of these. Malk Sustainability Partners, LLC (MSP) can help you develop a strong answer to this question that is relevant to your business. MSP partners with traditional companies to incorporate environmental sustainability into strategy in ways which strengthen competitive positioning and improve the bottom line. MSP’s approach helps businesses ensure that they reap the rewards of a proactive environmental strategy and early action. Typical benefits include direct savings in operational expenses, reduced risks associated with environmental mismanagement, and a premium in brand value and customer loyalty.

So how does it work? Well, it depends on your business’s needs. Let’s say you’re running a successful telecom business. You’re an innovator in your field, but let’s face it, it’s a pretty big field. You think you’re doing okay on the green front since you’ve incorporated efficiency from a cost perspective, but that’s where MSP comes in and brings you to the next level. In one example, MSP worked with a telecom company to pursue global best practices in sustainability, bringing environmental consciousness to all levels of the operation. As a result, the telecom company is now a sustainability leader in its market and standing out in a big, green way from the competition. And MSP takes their environmental commitment seriously, with concerted efforts to manage and reduce their own operation’s carbon footprint, and to partner with to offset emissions from their office energy use and frequent trans-global flights to meet with partners in Asia. If you need to answer the question about what your business is doing to go green, let the experienced professionals at Malk Sustainability Partners lead you through their four steps to the answer that’s right for you.