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# of Guests attending the wedding.

# of Flights The number of parties that will be flying to your wedding location and the average distance that they will be flying (one-way).

# of Cars that you anticipate at your wedding and the average distance they will travel to get to your wedding location (one-way). This includes rental cars.

Total Hotel Room Nights your guests will need for your wedding. Be sure to include your honeymoon suite.

Upscale Hotels like the Four Seasons or Westin have a higher energy use profile than standard hotels. Checking this box adjusts the estimated carbon footprint accordingly.

Not sure on the exact figures of your wedding?

Try one of our preset wedding offset options. The 15-tonne preset option may be right for you if you have more than 100 guests and many of them are flying. The 50-tonne option can be used for larger weddings of over 200 guests, many of whom are flying, or destination weddings, which involve a lot of travel.

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