May 20, 2019

Online jewelry retailer Washed Ashore is extremely committed to preserving and protecting the environment.  The firm has pioneered the jewelry industry by making their products 100% sustainable. Washed Ashore jewelry is made of 100% recycled 14k solid gold and silver, which avoids mining for raw materials as well as the devastating environmental and social consequences of mining.  The pearls are natural, undyed and unbleached; not treated with harmful chemicals or bleaches that then get back into the ocean waters. The company uses 100% recycled natural cotton and paper packaging for shipments.

“Through our many efforts, we are trying our very best to minimize our carbon emissions,” explains Founder and Designer Larada Lamsam.  “However, as an online retailer, shipping will always be a source of carbon emission that we haven’t yet found an alternative for.  Since transportation is very detrimental to the environment, we offset the negative environmental impact of all of our shipping, traveling and transportation through Foundation.”

Washed Ashore also partners with ocean charities such as Heal the Bay and Coral Gardeners. Through actions including beach cleanups, donations, and dedicated profit donations from sales, Washed Ashore has been able to help these charities in their mission to preserve the oceans.

On top of being a Carbonfree® Small Business Partner, Washed Ashore is offsetting all of product shipping through monthly.

In September 2018, Washed Ashore was part of the United Nations “Conscious Fashion” initiative and were certified by the UN as a conscious fashion brand.

This year, Founder and Designer Larada Lamsam is taking part in numerous environmental events such as the Summit for Sustainability in Washington DC and the Rainforest Alliance Conference in NYC.