Walmart is Spinning Yellow Chicken Sludge into Green Gold

May 20, 2011

You may know that Walmart has set a goal to eliminate all US landfill waste by 2025. You may not know to what creative and slimy depths they will go to meet that goal. Sam’s Club, Walmart’s warehouse retailer, launched a program to recycle the grease generated by the rotisserie chickens sold in the stores. In an interesting Triple Pundit article, writer Leslie Back discovered:

  • In 2010, Sam’s Club collected 236,000 gallons of grease, with 611,000 pounds recycled into biofuels (enough to power 18 semi trucks for 1 year) and 1.2 million pounds recycled into animal feed (equivalent to feeding more than 5,000 chickens for one year).
  • The grease trap required traditionally held 2,500 gallons. However, according to Sam’s Club, because of this program, the trap has been reduced to only 1,500 gallons.

Proving YET AGAIN (why yes, I will continue to beat this dead horse… please excuse the violent idiom) that sustainable practices are a mondo money-saver, Walmart saved $15.8 million from recycling chicken sludge rather than sending it to the dump.