Walden Asset Management Committed to Carbon Neutral Employee Business Travel

June 15, 2016

Walden Asset Management has provided portfolio management services to socially responsive investors since 1975. Among the oldest institutional investment managers in the sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) industry, Walden has extensive experience managing portfolios for clients who seek wise stewardship of their assets as well as social and environmental impact through their investments. Walden is the SRI practice of Boston Trust & Investment Management Company, an employee-owned investment management company.

Walden’s own commitment to taking positive action to reduce its own environmental impact is borne out by its long-running program to calculate carbon emissions associated with employee business travel, then make a corresponding donation to to neutralize the impact of those emissions by supporting carbon emissions reduction, mitigation and sequestration projects around the world.  Over the past ten years, Walden has neutralized almost 1.7 million pounds of greenhouse gases through the program, equivalent to preventing almost 86,000 gallons of gasoline from being combusted, while managing a year-over-year declining trend in employee travel emissions.   Separately, Walden also purchases renewable energy certificates for all of its electricity use.

Much of Walden’s impact in advocating for greater corporate responsibility and transparency comes from constructive dialogues with companies over many years as well as sponsoring shareholder resolutions at company annual meetings of shareholders – a crucial tool for investors to influence company policies and practices. The firm’s results in 2015—Walden’s 40th anniversary—continue to demonstrate that investor engagement can foster transformative corporate change on a range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics.

A core focus of Walden’s climate related engagement is to encourage companies to adopt robust climate policies and science-based GHG goals, consistent with reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC.  Walden’s other key climate strategy is to enlist the support of companies as advocates of effective public policy, or at the very least, to ensure that they do not impede progress.  Walden co-led a coalition of over 60 institutional investors and organizations who wrote to approximately 50 companies with significant ties to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, asking these companies to use their leverage to encourage the Chamber to halt its campaign against the Obama Administration’s proposed Clean Power Plan and to publicly distance their firms from the organization’s actions in its opposition to the Plan.

These initiatives and Walden’s commitment to reducing and neutralizing carbon emissions from its own employees’ business travel reflect the commitment to sustainability leadership that Walden Asset Management maintains.