Volio Imports Becomes Carbon Neutral Through Carbonfree® Partnership Program

September 08, 2020

Volio Imports, an importer of European fine wine, based in Denver, CO, maintains a mission to bring the consumer experience closer to the vineyard experience through a relentless commitment to wine education and unparalleled customer service.  They are committed to helping preserve the environment for future generations–not only for their own families, but also for their supplier, distributor, retail, restaurant, and consumer partners.

Volio recently took action to neutralize the carbon emissions from their business operations by joining the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program. This required first assessing their product shipments and other business activities to determine their estimated annual carbon footprint, which worked out to approximately 72 metric tonnes, or 160,000 pounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Supporting’s energy efficiency projects has allowed them to fully offset this impact.

“The wine industry is so deeply rooted in the environment that we feel it is our obligation to engage thoughtfully and impactfully in sustainability,” explains Charles Lazzara, Volio Imports President and Founder.  “As a wine importer, a lot of Volio’s business involves shipping large quantities of heavy wine across the world, which produces a significant volume of CO2. Partnering with will allow us to be carbon neutral as a business and to offset every bottle of wine that we bring across the Atlantic.”

Since its founding in 2007, Volio Imports has focused on representing multi-generational estates who have the utmost respect for the land they farm and use to produce wine. The majority of Volio Imports’ suppliers practice sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farming and winemaking.  By offsetting all of its carbon emissions from 2019 onward, the Volio team hopes to inspire others in the wine industry to do the same.