Viesso Brings Stylish Custom Eco-Furniture Design Online

January 13, 2012

Ever found yourself in the furniture-buying quagmire, staring at one of the furniture industry’s behemoth showrooms with homogeneous products, thinking there has to be a better way to furnish a house, office or apartment? Well so did the creative team that founded Viesso.

Most furniture companies present their products in an outdated and inefficient fashion, and consumers were forced to settle for products that are generic, whether or not the pieces fit their specific needs. Viesso brings an innovative process to furniture design and creation that allows for maximum customization, with a website and more efficient showrooms as the core of the company.

Viesso allows you to create custom furniture on their innovative website: select the model that suits your sense of style and is the right size for your space. From there, you pick from a large variety of options for fabric, filling, finishes, legs, and more to create your own custom piece, many of which are made from ‘green’ materials. You can price out all the options available on the website. Once ordered, your furniture piece is ready to ship nationwide in about 3 weeks.

The aim at Viesso is to be the best solution for modern furniture, on and offline. While all their quality products are created and sold on their website, they support the website offering with a showroom and honest design help to allow people to make educated (and stylish) decisions. By blending customization, modern technology, smart design, and sustainable living, Viesso offers a refreshing way for you to furnish your space.

While creating Viesso, the founders aligned themselves with other companies that share the same passion for the environment. All the products designed and produced by Viesso as made to be as “green” as possible. Check the “How It’s Green” tab at the bottom of every product page to see specific details for each individual product.

Viesso carries its environmental focus through its overall operations, from small showrooms to reliance on technology and electronic communication. All products are custom-built, so there is little to no waste, and there is no large inventory of products to store, like most companies, because each piece is custom-built when ordered. This makes Viesso’s manufacturing process very efficient and reduces the impact on the environment in terms of materials used.

Viesso also offsets a portion of its operational emissions through’s CarbonFree™ Business Partnership program. “We liked the way the programs were setup, and believed in the cause they [] are focused on. In addition, we got a good feeling after contacting them initially,” comments Travis Nagle, one of Viesso’s founders.

You owe it to yourself to experience the unique furniture selection, design and purchasing experience that Viesso has to offer. Visit their website at