Verde Fulfillment for a Greener World

June 22, 2012

As online shopping becomes the norm for businesses and consumers around the world, shopping-related carbon emissions are shifting from personal vehicles and public transit to modes of product shipment.  While this shift may result in an overall reduction in “shopping emissions”, they aren’t being eliminated.  Many environmentally-focused customers and businesses are growing savvy to this shift in greenhouse gas emission sources and are eager to find ways to reduce or neutralize product shipping emissions.

CarbonFree® Shipping Partner Verde Fulfillment USA, of Boise, Idaho, is taking the lead in fighting greenhouse gas emissions associated with product order fulfillment by embedding carbon emissions neutralization into their product shipping process.

Verde provides the full spectrum of product order fulfillment, e-commerce drop shipping, warehousing/inventory management, shipping logistics and accounting, and they’re doing this with a greener approach to neutralizing the resulting shipping emissions.

Verde’s fulfillment process is simple, and includes shipping products to their facility, handling order fulfillment, then shipping products directly to the customer.  Each quarter, Verde calculates their total product shipment emissions and makes a donation to support’s carbon reduction projects, thereby neutralizing the emissions from all product shipments and ensuring CarbonFree® shipping.

And the folks at Verde Fulfillment practice what they preach through their own operation’s focus on environmental responsibility by:

  • using 100% recycled paper for packing slips;
  • purchasing green power from their local utility;
  • running green electric powered forklifts;
  • using brand new recycled boxes and recycled paper-tape to ship all products; and
  • sending only electronic invoicing.

We’re proud to partner with Verde Fulfillment’s environmentally-sustainable shipping and warehousing services, featuring CarbonFree® shipping.