VCS carbon offsets Foundation offers a wide-range of carbon offsets (also known as carbon credits or carbon offset credits), including VCS carbon offsets. The VCS, which stands for the Verified Carbon Standard, is managed by the Washington, DC-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Verra. The VCS is the most widely used voluntary certification standard for carbon offsets. In addition to the VCS, Verra also manages several other certification standards including the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standard (CCBS). The CCBS is a co-benefit standard which is often used alongside the VCS for forestry projects.

VCS carbon offsets are specifically known as Verified Carbon Units or VCUs. To date, there are nearly 1,600 carbon offset projects registered with the VCS and collectively, these carbon offset projects have issued more than 462 million VCUs. These VCUs come from a range of project activities including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and forestry projects.

According to Ecosystem Marketplace’s annual State of the Voluntary Carbon Market reports, the most popular voluntary carbon offset projects include Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) projects and wind projects. Foundation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary CarbonCo, has financed, designed, and now advises on the implementation of four REDD+ projects in Brazil known as the Envira Amazonia, Purus, Russas and Valparaiso Projects. These REDD+ projects have been validated and verified to both the VCS and CCBS with Gold Level Distinction for exceptional co-benefits. has also supported wind projects under the VCS including the Capricorn Ridge Wind Project in Texas to wind, solar, and small-scale hydroelectric projects in India. In addition, has supported VCS carbon offsets from other projects including, but not limited to, the New Bedford Landfill Gas to Energy Project in Massachusetts and a waste heat recovery project in South Korea.

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