VCC is Lighting the Way to Sustainability

March 23, 2012

Need a better lighting solution for your business? Visual Communications Company (VCC) is recognized as a pioneer in the optoelectronics industry developing today’s most innovative LED indication and illumination systems. VCC offers customized value-added services based upon the unique lighting design and complex assembly needs of customers’ products.

Listening can be illuminating. That’s why the VCC team starts each development assignment by talking through specific product performance objectives and custom LED engineering requirements with their customers.

VCC considers LED lighting to be crucial to the technology addressing the demand to move to more sustainable, energy efficient lighting solutions in a wide range of industries. LEDs are eco-friendly as the components are 95% recyclable. LEDs comply with Energy Star standards and requirements as they use anywhere from 30% to 120% less power, over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs respectively, and save 3000 times their own weight in greenhouse gases. LEDs typically have longer life cycles, up to 50 times that of other lighting options. This not only reduces replacement costs but also the maintenance costs and personnel associated with servicing the lighting circuitry.

VCC ‘s products are made with high quality LEDs for all of your smart indication and lighting applications. Whether you are developing an optical signaling circuit, data transmission design, backlighting set-up, control panel or any number of additional smart lighting designs, we have the LEDs, Litepipes™ and PCB components to make your design work.

And VCC has committed to offset 100% of its annual carbon footprint created by its business activities, by supporting the projects and mission of

“We’ve built our business on excellent stakeholder relationships. In the new millennium, we believe that providing these groups the highest level of service includes making socially responsible and environmentally sound choices.” – Andrew Zanelli, VCC President.

Contact Visual Communications Company today to discuss your energy efficient lighting needs, or download a copy of their brochure here.