Be My Valentine: Zarah Co.

February 09, 2010

z25 days til Valentine’s Day! Zarah Co. is a refreshingly creative jewelry and home decor company that cherishes art. They specialize in providing retailers high quality jewelry with an artistic background. They have four lines of jewelry that are dramatically different but all result from talent and unique styles from a select group of artists. Zarah Co. hasn’t lost sight of its purpose – to delight you with adornments that are just plain fun to have! They pride themselves on quality design, production technique, and presentation. As a small business located in the rural town of Topanga, California, Zarah Co. provides jobs to their community and finds talented artists all across America to develop their beautiful designs. Their office is environmentally conscious and they use fluorescent lights and have an active recycling program. Zarah uses as little paper as possible and the paper they do use is either recycled or comes from sustainable sourcing. All of their jewelry cards are printed on recycled paper and their jewelry is made using recycled silver. They also offset all of their business emissions through’s CarbonFree® Partner program! This Valentine’s Day, show your special someone you care by choosing Zarah Co. Visit the retailers listed on the Zarah Co. website to find Zarah jewelry online.