Be My Valentine: Lather Skin Care

February 10, 2010

4 days til Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day, treat your skin right with Lather. Since their inception over ten years ago, they have strived to inspire a healthier, more radiant life. Lather takes a holistic approach to skin care and uses natural ingredients and essential oils. Also, Lather draws upon the benefits of aromatherapy. Their products not only care for the skin as well as the mind, but help educate the consumer. LatherAs their brand continues to grow, they take this vision to a higher level by seeking out opportunities to give back to the community, educate their customers, sustain the environment, and support endeavors that help others lead a more radiant life. That is just what they have done with, developing a unique promotion that helped reduce hundreds of metric tons of carbon dioxide! If you want to support a company that sources effective natural botanicals and never uses synthetic fragrances or colors, choose Lather. To learn more, please visit