Be My Valentine: Cameron Hughes Wine

February 04, 2010

wn210 days til Valentine’s Day! Employing a no-frills business model, Cameron Hughes Wine delivers some of the best values in the industry.  Since 2004, the maverick negociant has offered wines from around the world with no bottle exceeding $22 . “But our business relies heavily on shipping and delivering wines from across the country and around the world,” says Cameron Hughes. In partnering with, the company’s emissions from office use, travel, freight, and shipping activities are offset by supporting carbon reduction projects worldwide. In 2009, Cameron Hughes Wine reduced 282 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of 29,000 gallons of gasoline. “We are committed to innovation, taking advantage of every opportunity to control costs. Partnering with is merely an extension of that, and it’s an easy choice,” notes Hughes. “We stake our reputation on a great value. What could be more valuable than protecting the people and places we love.” To celebrate this partnership, Cameron Hughes Wine is excited to offer a 15% discount on all wine purchases through February 15! You can visit and enter coupon code CARBON15 to receive 15% off your purchase.