UW College of the Environment Honors 2012 Graduates with Swag-Free Carbon Credits

June 06, 2012

The College of the Environment at the University of Washington in Seattle is committed to creating the next generation of environmental leaders, armed with knowledge in basic science and critical thinking, and focused on developing sustainable solutions to address the critical environmental challenges of our time.  Their students hold the College accountable for walking their talk, so this year, the College is “betting that swag-free is the new green.”

To honor its 2012 graduates, the College of the Environment is making a contribution to Foundation to reduce one metric tonne of carbon emissions as a gift in celebration of each of their 460 students graduating this month.

Recognizing this next generation of leaders in environmental science and climate change solvers, the College of the Environment’s contribution showcases a collective commitment to the sustainability and well-being of our society and our planet. As part of this gift program, the College of the Environment held a contest among the graduation candidates, encouraging each candidate to vote for the carbon reduction project categories they wanted to support.  The winning project categories are Reforestation & Avoided Deforestation Projects and Renewable Energy & Methane Projects.

The total donation of 460 metric tonnes of carbon credits is reducing over one million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from our atmosphere, the equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions from burning over 50,000 gallons of gasoline. is thrilled to announce our first-ever carbon emissions reduction gift program for an entire graduating class of a major college or university, and we commend the College of the Environment at the University of Washington for walking their talk and leading their graduates by the example of this environmentally-focused, swag-free graduation gift.

Our congratulations to the Class of 2012 of UW College of the Environment. Go Huskies!