Understanding Carbonfree Shipping

May 05, 2021
Understanding Carbonfree Shipping

The next time a package is dropped on your doorstep you should stop and think about how it got there and the environmental impact associated with the global shipping industry. Understanding Carbonfree Shipping and how it helps the environment is an important part of being a modern business or consumer in a world where more deliveries are being made than ever.

According to the International Chamber of Shipping, the global shipping industry is responsible for 90% of world trade by volume. There are more than 50,000 merchant ships transporting all kinds of cargo between over 150 nations. Maritime shipping accounts for between 2% and 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and are expected to keep rising as global trade continues to flourish. The Environmental Protection Agency states that the entire transportation industry makes up around 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions with nearly all (95%) of that energy coming from petroleum-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Imagine the shipping journey through trucks, trains, planes and ships that a product makes before it hits your doorstep. What can businesses and consumers do to offset their shipping emissions to help reduce climate change?

Carbonfund offers a Carbonfree Shipping Program so that businesses can offset their carbon footprint. Carbonfund makes it easy and affordable for businesses to distinguish their shipping services, reduce their climate impact, and communicate their environmental commitment to consumers. Product shipping emissions are based on the shipping mode (air, ground, sea, etc.), the number of parcels shipped by each shipping mode, and the average weight and distance traveled for those parcels. The first step is to calculate the carbon footprint of your product shipments by using Carbonfund’s convenient business shipping calculator. After determining your total emissions you can then offset you business’ climate impact by supporting Carbonfund’s renewable energy, forestry and energy efficiency projects around the globe.

Carbonfund also makes it easy for environmentally conscious individuals to reduce their personal carbon footprint through individual carbon offsets. Carbonfund provides several options to offset the carbon emissions generated through your lifestylevehiclehomeair traveland special events. You can also support reforestation/forest preservation projects to help sequester CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. Carbonfund specializes in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to help replace fossil fuel usage with more sustainable methods and reduce carbon emissions.

If businesses and individuals work to offset their shipping emissions they can make a significant impact on their overall carbon footprint. By offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions and other sources of carbon pollution through Carbonfund you can join in the battle against global warming. Everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to fight climate change and help create a greener world for the future.