Under the Canopy’s “Spread the Love” Campaign Donates to Through Valentines Day

February 11, 2021 Carbonfree® Shipping Partner Under the Canopy continues its “Spread the Love” campaign through Valentines Day, sending all donations made by customers rounding up purchase payments in their cart to   Every dollar and every action counts in reducing a carbon footprint and creating a better planet.

Under the Canopy supports’s Envira Amazonia Rainforest Conservation Project, protecting about 500,000 acres of critical Amazonian Rainforest, conserving habitat and benefitting the local communities with health clinics and services, schools, forest management and sustainable agricultural training and more.

Under the Canopy also is featuring simple and practical tips everyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint, pointing out that buying organic products eliminates toxins in home goods and also benefits the health of farmers employing organic methods.

Check out their Valentines Day shop and help spread the love to your valentine and to our planet!