TrimTab Media Continues Impactful Stories Through Carbonfree Partnership

May 24, 2017

TrimTab Media produces impactful documentaries and works with progressive businesses and non-profit organizations with a commitment to a more sustainable world to tell their stories and help them become wildly successful, and to amplify the positive impact of their work.  The TrimTab Media team of communications strategists, writers, designers, and filmmakers create authentic stories that inspire customers, supporters and influencers – moving them to action.

TrimTab Media is also aware of its own operational carbon footprint.  The team is conscious of travel-related carbon emissions and looks for ways to reduce them. There are active composting and recycling efforts in the office, the team purchases responsibly produced office supplies, and recently replaced all office lighting with efficient LED bulbs.

TrimTab Media also joined the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership program this year, in order to neutralize almost 80,000 pounds of greenhouse gases they can’t eliminate from their annual operations.

“We believe it is important for individuals and businesses to walk their talk when it comes to social and environmental change,” explains Mischa Hedges, Chief Storyteller.  “We chose to partner with to offset the impacts that are currently beyond our ability to reduce.”

Storytelling is an important part of advocacy and persuasion.  TrimTab Media helps its clients do just this, but the team also has its own story to tell as a Carbonfree® Partner and leader in sustainable operations.