Tree Planting

Since Foundation’s founding in 2003, Foundation has supported more than 190 carbon reduction and tree planting projects around the world and throughout the United States.’s carbon reduction projects include projects in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and forestry sectors. Within the forestry sector, Foundation has supported forest conservation, improved forestry management, and reforestation / afforestation projects. Such reforestation and afforestation projects have included the Return to Forest Project in Southwestern Nicaragua and the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge Afforestation Project in Northeastern Louisiana.

In addition to these reforestation and afforestation projects, Foundation also supports tree planting projects without the ongoing monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) required for a certified, forest carbon offset project.

These tree planting projects have been supported throughout the United States, including in the states of Arkansas, California, Florida, Maryland, New Mexico, and Texas. has also supported tree planting projects in Haiti, Mexico, Nepal, and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa including in the countries of Cameroon, Senegal, and Tanzania.

Trees are vitally important to humankind and the global environment as trees provide a wide range of ecosystem services including their ability to:

  • Produce oxygen – without which life would not be possible;
  • Absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, to mitigate global climate change;
  • Improve local air and water quality by filtering out pollutants;
  • Restore biodiversity while also providing habitat and nutrition for wildlife;
  • Control flooding by minimizing runoff and topsoil loss;
  • Protect coastal zones against storms such as monsoons and hurricanes;
  • Help regulate water and nutrient cycles, including phosphorous and nitrogen;
  • Create jobs managing tree nurseries, collecting seeds, planting saplings, and with ongoing care; and
  • Provide aesthetical, spiritual, recreational, and cultural benefits to both local and global communities.

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