Tips for College Students to Keep it Green and Keep Some Cash

August 20, 2009

collegeRide a bike. Biking or walking is the best way to save on gas and save on money. Plus if you have a bike, you could do bike delivery. Check out this awesome business model: They pick up produce from a local farm and deliver it carbon-free to their clients. Return your beverage bottles. Some states require stores and other distributors to give you a refund of 5-10 cents for every beverage or beer bottle you bring back. Plus, it’s green and gets the whole house to participate. Learn more here: Eliminate your vampire leakage. If you are paying the electricity bill, start off right by buying power strips that you can easily turn off when you’re not using the microwave, the TV and other appliances. A friend of mine was able to lower her electric bill to $7 a month this way! Stop the red cup madness! Start off right and buy a reusable party cup and get all your friends to do the same. If you have a party, let everyone know that they have to bring their own cup—you’ll eliminate waste AND clean-up time. Offset your events, and your carbon footprint. Calculate and offset in support of innovative projects to reduce carbon emissions, while reducing your own impact on the planet. You can calculate at the individual calculators here. Get involved in your campus climate group. Hundreds of college campuses have pledged to go carbon neutral because of activism by students. Find out at AASHE which campuses have pledged, and ask your own campus to do its part. Colleges and universities are helping to lead the way in the fight on climate change. Students are inventing clean energy technologies, designing the efficient green buildings, and pushing state and local policy. Get involved in the growing movement of young people who are helping to avert climate change today. Also check out the International Youth Climate Blog at