The Importance of Trees: What You Can Do to Fight Climate Change

April 07, 2021
Importance of Trees Fight Climate Change

It’s no secret that our continued use of greenhouse gasses is directly related to the increasing severity of climate change. The clearing and burning of forests accounts for about 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is more than the entire world’s transportation sector combined. The Environmental Defense Fund believes that “slowing or stopping deforestation is a near-term, cost-effective option for significantly reducing global emissions.” The EPA estimates that carbon dioxide makes up about 81% of all greenhouse gas emissions. It is clear that reforestation and forest preservation are critical strategies in the fight to sequester CO2 emissions from the atmosphere and help turn the tide against climate change.

Reforestation is an important step toward getting our climate back under control. Simply put, reforestation is the process of planting trees in areas where they were once cut down or setting aside land for natural regeneration.

Forest Preservation is another key component to fighting global warming. This means keeping existing forests intact to reduce deforestation. In addition to helping to capture carbon emissions, Forest Preservation can also have added benefits to the native soil, wildlife and local communities. Carbonfund has many forestry projects around the globe to help in the conservation effort. Many of these projects are in Brazil with others being located in Panama and in the United States.

By deciding to offset your carbon footprint you can also make an impact in the fight against our changing climate. Please join us during Earth Month and beyond. By supporting our forestry projects you can help lower atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions which will lead to a better future for us all.