February 27, 2020

The Good Pencil Company  of Sandy, Utah has become one of the latest businesses to partner with, a world leader in carbon emissions reduction dedicated to fighting climate change.

The Good Pencil Company started with a simple mission to support schools and organizations who need it, but it also wants to make sure that its business is making a positive impact on the environment. As part of its commitment to environmental stewardship, The Good Pencil Company, has partnered with Foundation to offset its carbon footprint.

“We wanted to partner with because of their verifiable projects that are carefully selected by Foundation.” Says John-Erik Jahnsen, founder of The Good Pencil Company “It is important to us that we partner with organizations who align with our values that not only support teachers, but also the environment in which we all live.  We chose to partner with because of the commitment they have made to help make a positive impact.  They make it easy for small companies like us to partner and support their efforts, which is important to us.”

The Good Pencil Company has not only set the bar for good business in Utah it also hopes that other businesses will follow suit by trying to do business differently.  The Good Pencil Company is Utah’s 5th certified B Corp, and now a partner, who exists to help schools and organizations support their students, teachers and the communities they support. The Good Pencil Company sells high quality US made pencils that are FSC certified, but for every pencil sold the company donates a pencil. The company also believes that the environment is important and champions ways to lower its own impact on the environment including package free options and compostable pencils. Each pack of pencils sold includes a plantable tree seed so that customers can learn about trees while planting their own at home.  Find out more at