The Best Ways To Offset Carbon Emissions

February 23, 2022
The Best Ways To Offset Carbon Emissions

It is no secret that many of our daily activities cause the emissions of greenhouse gasses. We produce carbon emissions from burning gasoline in our vehicles, heating our homes with oil or natural gas, using electricity generated from fossil fuels, flying on an airplane and many other things we do every day. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American’s total carbon footprint is a staggering 50,000 pounds of carbon equivalent emissions every year! Thankfully, there are ways to offset your carbon emissions and reduce your environmental impact.

Carbonfund offers a variety of ways for both individuals and businesses to offset their carbon emissions. Individuals can choose a lifestyle offset for blanket coverage against all of their carbon emissions. Other options that are available include offsetting the carbon emissions released only by your vehicle. There are different offset choices depending on your car’s fuel efficiency. You may also offset your air travel in order to lower your flying footprint. Just simply choose the amount of miles you are looking to neutralize. Home offsets are also offered depending on the square footage of your house. If you travel to meetings or conferences there is also a special events option to offset the carbon emissions generated through your travel and hotel stay. If you would like to figure out your individual carbon footprint directly Carbonfund also offers a calculator for individuals where you can measure your carbon emissions based on a variety of factors including electricity usage, vehicle fuel and travel miles.

Carbonfund also has many choices for businesses looking to offset their carbon emissions. There are both small business and large business programs that can be joined depending on the number of employees a company has. For smaller businesses under 20 employees they can simply choose their level of donation and have their carbon emissions offset. Larger corporations can use a business emissions calculator which allows a company to measure their carbon footprint and offset accordingly. Carbonfund also offers a Carbonfree Shipping Program for companies looking to reduce the climate impact of their transportation. If company is looking to offset the carbon emissions from a product they manufacture Carbonfund offers a Carbonfree Product Certification Program to mitigate the cradle-to-grave life cycle of your product. This certification is proud to be part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program.

Carbonfund provides these offsets by supporting carbon reduction projects all over the world. They have supported more than 240 projects in 28 countries and 42 American states. The types of projects that Carbonfund supports are Renewable Energy, Forestry and Energy Efficiency. These projects have helped Carbonfund offset over 40 billion pounds of carbon emissions. They have also planted over 1.6 million trees in an effort to protect forests by fighting deforestation.

After measuring your current carbon emissions you can purchase a carbon offset to help mitigate your future impact on the environment as well. Be a leader in the fight against climate change and support our industry-leading carbon reduction projects today!