Curt Clements -

Curt Clements

Curt Clements is an entrepreneur with twenty years of experience starting and growing companies in developing countries. As the Chairman, CEO and Founder of Move One Group, Curt built one of the largest project logistics, international moving and relocation firms. Move One Group operates with 46 offices in 36 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and China.

Working in these dynamic and growing regions, Curt has developed an in-depth view of myriad business challenges and opportunities, as well as the macro- and micro-social and cultural issues of each country.

Since 2005, Curt has also been the Chairman of Radix Technologies, a provider of turnkey cloud computing and utility computing services. Building on the environmental and cost efficiencies inherent in cloud computing, Radix Technologies is developing additional green cloud products and services.

Curt is an avid environmentalist and has advised Co-Founder and President Eric Carlson since the start-up and early growth of the organization, including management and growth strategies.

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