Tavac Energy Services Simplifies the Move to Renewable Energy

March 26, 2011

Looking to upgrade to renewable energy for your home or business?  Need the right guidance?  Tavac Energy Services is a value driven company that designs and delivers sustainable solutions in commercial and residential solar, wind and efficiency systems. Their mission is to help homeowners and businesses transition to clean energy sources, and in the process, realize financial value, price stability and energy security. Their focus is to provide long term, sustainable value for their customers. Residential customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and gain energy independence start with an analysis of current and past energy use. It’s an easy process. Most of the information comes straight from your electric bill. Tavac Energy Services also wants to know how you use energy and what your goals are. Whether they’re environmental, energy independence, price stability or somewhere in the middle, they take the time needed to understand your home and your goals so that they can design better solutions for you. For commercial clients, often the first step is the most important. Tavac Energy Service’s energy survey will look at current and past electricity use to determine basic load and use requirements. They review basic information from utility bills and rate structure to understand the design parameters. Then they analyze how energy relates to business requirements. As part of this analysis, they research the available solar and efficiency incentive programs that may be available from local utility providers, and local, state and federal agencies. When the Baseline Energy Analysis is completed, commercial clients receive a general summary of findings and along with Tavac Energy’s recommendations. Tavac Energy Services is an Energy Star Partner, Affiliate Member of Climate Savers Computing, and participates in the CarbonFree® Partner program sponsored by “We strongly encourage others to join with us as we work to minimize our consumption, significantly reduce our waste and eliminate our carbon footprint.”