Tann Production Joins Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership

June 04, 2020

Tann Production, a New York City-based boutique production service company that specializes in the end-to-end creative production of original stills and motion content for the beauty, tech, and fashion industries, has expanded its environmental commitment by joining the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program.

“The problem of waste has become increasingly magnified, and inherently our profession of production is wasteful,” stated Amy Kanagaki, Founder & Producer. “We chose to partner with to not only offset our environmental footprint, but to educate our team and clients on how we can collectively approach production in a smarter, more thoughtful way moving forward.”

In an effort to keep the firm’s carbon footprint in check, Tann Productions calculates the CO2 emissions on every job and makes carbon offset donations to offset 100% of each project’s carbon footprint.

Tann Production seeks ways to reduce waste and carbon emissions on its production projects. The company has partnered with local non-profit food rescue organizations to donate all leftover catering and craft services. All compost from production projects are delivered to Food Scrap Collection locations or by working with local compost initiatives.

Tann Production also supplies recycling, trash, and compost bins on project locations, and they recycle paper, card, plastic, cans and glass. In addition, Tann Production supplies reusable water bottles, cups, and straws on every shoot for the temporary use of all crew, as well as water dispensers stocked with glass 2.5G Mountain Valley Spring Water bottles which are recycled after use.