Take a Tumble toward Top Technology with Summersault

June 07, 2011

Does your company need to shake up its online look and feel? Are you ready to take a new spin on your website design? Talk to the folks at Summersault. Summersault, LLC is a web development and hosting company located in Richmond, Indiana that specializes in creating interactive, database driven sites that can adapt and scale to changing needs in a changing world. Summersault’s mission is to build and sustain communities using the technologies of the Internet. Summersault also provides technology consulting, training, and site maintenance. The folks at Summersault believe that technology should be accessible and usable; simplicity, adaptability, and functionality are at the core of our development philosophy. They also feel that excellence in customer service does not come from programs or policies, but instead from the way individuals think about and communicate with their customers. Summersault founders Chris Hardie and Mark Stosberg met while studying Computer Science at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. In 1997, they partnered to form the company, focused on creating informational sites for non-profits and local businesses. Summersault grew to meet the rising demand from local and regional organizations to create professional, engaging websites. Today, Summersault serves clients across the United States. Chris and Mark chose to name their company “Summersault” because they like the imagery the name evokes: youth, happiness, warmth, growth, purpose, forward motion, complete revolution. And Summersault takes a youthful approach to its sustainable business practices. Summersault’s existing efforts to reduce its green house emissions include the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs, composting, recycling and a concerted effort by employees to bike or walk to work. Through its business partnership with, Summersault offsets a portion of its business emissions and supports our projects that invest in energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation. So put a new spin on your website design with the pros at Summersault.