Carbonfree Product Certification

Reduce your product’s carbon footprint with Carbonfree Certification

Now Part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program!

Customers are increasingly seeking to purchase products from companies that are taking care of our environment. Climate change and carbon reductions are major drivers of individual purchasing decisions and important components of corporate responsibility programs.

The Carbonfree Product Certification is a meaningful, transparent way for you to provide environmentally-responsible, carbon neutral products to your customers.

By determining a product’s carbon footprint, reducing it where possible and offsetting remaining emissions through our third-party validated carbon reduction projects, companies can:

  • Differentiate their brand and product
  • Increase sales and market share
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Strengthen corporate social responsibility & environmental goals

The Carbonfree Product Certification Program is proud to be part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program!

All products registered in the Carbonfree Product Certification Program become part of the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Program.

How it Works

  1. Perform a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the carbon footprint of your product(s) or contact us to learn how to perform the LCA simultaneously with registration to get started faster.
  2. Register your product(s) as Carbonfree.  We will automatically register your product(s) in Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program.
  3. Offset the product’s carbon footprint quarterly, based on actual sales.
  4. Promote your product(s) environmental benefits to your customers and stakeholders.


Linda Kelly, Vice President of Partnerships
240-247-0630 x 633