Take Action Today to Support Climate Crisis Legislation

March 29, 2013

Part of’s mission is to bring to our readership and subscribers the current issues surrounding and the proposed solutions available to address the negative impacts of climate change.  While this objective is intended to be informational, it is also intended to provide simple actions that each of us can take to help solve the climate crisis. 

Our previous post addressed the politics of climate change, underscoring the importance and impact that grass-roots efforts can bring to bear on current issues.  It also elicits action you can take today to insist your political representatives take notice and take actions consistent with the public’s demand for climate crisis solutions. 

Well, here’s a great place to take up the challenge 

Last month, Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) proposed a very aggressive bill to address climate change through a series of measures intended to:

  • place a carbon emissions fee on the top fossil fuel polluters in the US,
  • protect communities from the environmental harms of natural gas fracturing,
  • invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives,
  • create a clean energy rebate program for consumers, and
  • contribute to national debt reduction.    

The proposal was drafted as two measures, the Climate Protection Act and the Sustainable Energy Act 

The provisions of the bill are very clearly explained in this summary posted on Senator Sanders’ website.   

The proposed legislation has garnered “overwhelming public support” expressed through an online public survey and from key environmental leaders across the country, including Bill McKibben of, Mike Brune of Sierra Club, and Tara McGuiness of Center for American Progress.  

Read environmental leadership quotes supporting the legislation on Senator Sanders’ website.

The imperative to “tax” carbon emissions in order to curb fossil fuel consumption was underscored by report just released by the International Monetary Fund in support of eliminating energy subsidies as a way to more accurately reflect the true cost of energy sources.    

In his op-ed published by the Guardian, Senator Sanders explained part of the motivation for the proposed legislation:    

 “We will never fully deal with this crisis until Congress passes strong legislation. Sen. Boxer and I are going to fight as hard as we can to do that, and we will work to rally support from American families all across this country that care deeply about their children and grandchildren’s future, and want to protect them from this planetary crisis.” 

Let your Congressional representatives hear from you today – let them know that you support the Climate Protection Act and the Sustainable Energy Act proposed by Sanders and Boxer.  Tell them that you demand action – today – to develop real and effective solutions to combat the climate crisis.