Sweet Lady Traffic, what’s your carbon footprint?

June 08, 2009

Dan Terry is in love with sweet lady traffic. If he’s like most Americans, he drives at least 39 miles a day, every second of which he’s joining the rest of US commuters who burn 6,300 gallons of oil—every second. Watch this hilarious ode to sweet lady traffic. The transportation sector accounted for 33% of all the greenhouse gas emissions the US produced in 2007, which means that despite how much Dan Terry and others may love sitting in their cars, inhaling exhaust and stop and going for hours every day, we have to find a more sustainable way of moving through our cities if we’re going to deal with climate change. Luckily for me, I’m able to ride my bike to work most days. My ride makes me ridiculously happy in the morning–I don’t know if it’s all the endorphins that are released, if it’s just seeing the change of the Washington DC spring, or if it’s all the money and CO2 I’m saving that invigorates me. Using’s carbon calculator, I figured out that if I drove to work every day, my ’95 Volvo would produce 3,000 lbs of CO2 emissions per year and cost me $15 in offsets (not to mention gas, maintenance and other vehicle expenses). Just by switching to my ’06 Fuji Silhouette, I cut down significantly on my CO2 impact and get some healthy exercise to boot. Calculate your commute now>> Unfortunately, not everybody has the kind of bicycle-friendly infrastructure that Washington DC has, so more and more people are finding other ways to reduce their commute—either by moving closer to work, telecommuting, or using public transportation. With a new transportation bill coming soon to Congress, Transportation for America is calling on Congress to invest in infrastructure to support the new commuting trends. You can take action by sending a message to your member of Congress on their site, Or, you can help spread the word by tweeting about your commute. Include #mycommutesucks in your rant to have your tweet show up on their front page.