Supporting Some of the Highest Quality International Carbon Offset Projects on the Planet

Founded in 2003, Foundation is a leading non-profit carbon offset provider making it easy and affordable for both individuals and organizations to mitigate their climate impacts by supporting some of the highest quality international carbon offset projects on the planet with significant community benefits. international carbon projects are located on the African continent including clean cookstove projects in Nairobi and clean water projects in Kenya.  Our highest quality international carbon offset projects also include avoided deforestation projects in the Amazonian Basin of Brazil that protect over 750,000 acres of pristine rain forest and some of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet.

These highest quality international carbon offset projects provide significant community benefits. This can include building schools, health clinics, and in some cases even providing land tenure to local rural communities. Foundation highest quality international carbon offset projects are always verified to the highest third- party certification standards on the planet such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard (CCB) and provide significant community benefits. Experts agree we need a major reduction in CO2 over the next fifty years. With this in mind, we need to support international carbon offset projects while also providing these local communities in the project area with major community benefits.

The Kenya Burn Stove Project

The Burn Stoves Project provides communities with an efficient cookstove that benefits the environment and improves health. The stoves are manufactured at a solar powered factory in Nairobi, which employs 100+ people. It is important to note that 80% of Kenya’s primary household energy still comes from solid fuel. The majority of this is burnt on smoky open fires and inefficient cookstoves, leading to indoor air pollution causing respiratory disease, and contributing to global climate change. Cooking smoke {which most affects women and children} contributes to a range of chronic illnesses and acute health impacts such as early childhood pneumonia, emphysema, lung cancer, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, and low birth weight. This said, the “stoves use 45% less charcoal – meaning families can recover the initial outlay within 2-3 months of purchase and then save up to $300 in fuel costs every year. Furthermore, this increased efficiency also cuts carbon emissions, speeds up cooking time and significantly improves health by reducing smoke emissions during cooking.

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