Support Gulf Cleanup with WE ADD UP

June 26, 2010 partner WE ADD UP recently announced two new additions to their wonderful T-shirt line. All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will help support oil spill cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. With every “Clean It Up” shirt sold, $10 will be donated to the Gulf Restoration Network. Since the first days of BP’s oil drilling disaster, the Gulf Restoration Network has provided independent monitoring and advocacy focused on ensuring an effective and transparent response to the crisis. Sale of the “Hair to the Rescue” shirt will lead to a $10 contribution to Matter of Trust, a nonprofit organization that is coordinating the international movement of hair dressers, pet groomers, and others who are donating hair to make hair booms. Hair, a natural fiber, is stuffed into nylons, creating booms that are very effective for soaking up oil.

WE ADD UP, with over 16,000 participating members, is a global campaign printed on organic cotton T-shirts that literally counts you in for your green commitments. Every shirt is printed by hand with a unique number on the front. Your number represents your position in the sequential global count of people who are taking steps to help solve the climate crisis. As the count grows, we demonstrate to the world that “WE ADD UP.” On the back of each shirt is a word or phrase that describes an action almost anyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint, such as: Unplug, Lights Off, Hybrid, Bike, Buy Local, and 25 others. Consumers choose which action they are committed to and receive their number. To be counted-in and help support cleanup efforts, visit today.