Sun Mountain International and Keep Workshops Carbon-Neutral

October 14, 2012

The Carbonfree® Events program enables organizations and businesses to calculate, assess and neutralize the carbon emissions directly associated with the meetings, conferences, events and workshops that they host and attend. This program provides a simple and affordable option to enhance the environmental sustainability of such events, which require staff and attendee travel, lodging, meals and venue facility space and energy usage.

One of our event emissions neutralization partners, Sun Mountain International (SMTN), has worked with to make all of their environmental management workshops carbon-neutral since 2010 by supporting’s global reforestation projects. Sun Mountain International, a US- and Ecuador-based organization, was established to improve the socio-economic and environmental well-being of vulnerable households and communities. Most of SMTN’s capacity building initiatives are under contracts with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). SMTN uses the Event Online Calculator to calculate the amount of carbon emissions directly produced from the workshop efforts.

Since SMTN workshops focus on Environmental Considerations and Regulations, purchasing carbon credits to compensate for the carbon footprint of each workshop serves as an example to the training participants. This is particularly important given each workshop’s emphasis on environmental sustainability. SMTN conducted background research and contacted U.S. environmental and climate change specialists to determine how best to neutralize their workshop event emissions. Ultimately they chose because it’s the best choice to make their USAID environmental workshops carbon neutral.’s reforestation projects are well-aligned with SMTN’s organizational mission, as most of these workshops take place in developing countries with high levels of deforestation and environmental degradation. Partnering with to further carbon sequestration efforts in a manner that directly benefits communities within these countries enables SMTN to meet its overall mission and the objectives of these workshops.