Staying Green at the End of the Day

October 05, 2010

With fall here, the days of 8:00 p.m. sunlight are over. These extra hours of darkness in the evening are responsible by some estimates for the equivalent of billions of gallons of fuel used to light our homes, offices and shops. So how can we keep our energy usage low and reduce our carbon footprint? Our partner Exterior Solar Lights has some suggestions. Their well-stocked shop of green, solar lights can help you slash your electricity bills throughout fall and winter and make use of the available daylight. Their solar lights require no electricity and can last up to 20 years thanks to LED bulbs and modern solar panels. From stainless steel solar garden lights to designer solar lamp posts, Exterior Solar Lights has the products you can use to enjoy the outdoors during the wintertime while cutting your energy usage and carbon footprint. As a benefit to the community, Exterior Solar Lights is offering 10 percent off your next purchase of $150 (plus shipping is free). Use promo code ThankYou10. How else are you cutting your carbon footprint as the seasons change? Add your suggestions in the comments below.