Stay Connected with Blog for Developments at UN Climate Conference

November 02, 2009

circleofhope2With the Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference set to begin in about a month, we’ll be blogging on developments regarding the conference. has been advocating for strong climate legislation by the US to reduce the country’s contribution to climate change. In addition, we have educated and outreached on climate change to our supporters as well as audiences to which we have access. Most recently– we participated in the 350 global day of climate action in Washington, DC. We look forward to continuing our work with other 350 organizers and grassroots organizations. A photo of the day’s Circle of Hope in front of the White House, courtesy of Grist, reminds us all that climate change is a global problem, and our country must be a part of the solution. Bookmark our blog, or follow our RSS feed, to keep tabs of developments on climate change and the Copenhagen conference. You can also follow us on social media such as our revamped Facebook fans page and our Twitter page. Visit our blog often for news and information about Copenhagen and other climate change developments! Join in the discussion by submitting your comments to each blog. Let us know what you think about our blog by emailing Thanks!