With Solosso, Style Can Be Sustainable

June 27, 2012

Many of us might associate custom-tailored dress shirts for men as being a high luxury item; something only the elite can afford, and probably not made by a company with a strong commitment to environmentally sustainable operations.

CarbonFree® Business Partner Solosso Private Limited breaks that mold by combining their passion for creating high quality, custom-tailored men’s dress shirts with a dedication for producing their shirts from fine fabrics that are produced in a sustainable way, and are made in an environmentally conscious manner.

A Swiss-led Singaporean company, Solosso works hard to minimize the environmental impact of their organization, and with the help of, to calculate their operation’s carbon footprint, including all product shipment emissions, and neutralize these annual emissions.

“As guiding principle, we aim to run an environmentally friendly and socially responsible organization that offsets its environmental impact that cannot be reduced. There is just no better way to do it than with,” says Severin Jan Rüegger, Co-Founder of Solosso.

We commend Solosso for adhering to their environmental commitment, and we appreciate their partnership and ongoing pursuit of sustainable operations.