Solar offsets by Foundation Foundation supports a range of renewable energy projects, including solar offsets. One such project that Foundation has recently supported is called the 15 MW Solar Power Plant of Gujarat. The project, which is based in India, is comprised of more than 63,000 solar photovoltaic modules and these modules collectively generate more than 24,000 megawatt hours of clean, renewable energy. In addition, the solar offsets from the 15 MW Solar Power Plant of Gujarat have been verified to the Verified Carbon Standard. Foundation has also historically supported solar power projects in Chicago, in Nicaragua, and throughout California.

Solar power, which often takes the form of either solar photovoltaic panels or concentrated solar, may generate revenue through electricity sales and to help achieve price parity with fossil fuel energy sources such as coal or natural gas, solar power projects may also generate carbon offset credits and/or renewable energy certificates (RECs). To learn more about RECs, please visit Foundation and the Center for Resource Solutions’ Green-e Energy® certification program.

Solar power is an increasingly important renewable energy source in the United States and around the world. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the top ten largest suppliers of solar power in the United States are: 1) California; 2) North Carolina; 3) Arizona; 4) Texas; 5) Florida; 6) Nevada; 7) New Jersey; 8) Massachusetts; 9) New York; and 10) Georgia. To learn more about potential incentives in your state, please visit Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency®.

According to iSolarWorld (iSW), the top ten solar power generating countries in the world are: 1) Germany; 2) China; 3) Japan; 4) Italy; 5) the United States; 6) India; 7) the United Kingdom; 8) Australia; 9) France; and 10) South Korea.

Solar power, including solar offsets, in addition to generating renewable electricity, can also provide a host of co-benefits including distributed power generation, no local air or water pollution, good-paying local jobs, and possibly reduced electric bills for homeowners.

To learn more about Foundation’s renewable energy portfolio, including our support for solar offset projects, please visit our renewable energy page. In addition, please see our page to learn more about wind power.

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