Smart Media’s Annual Reports Go Global and Carbon Neutral

March 30, 2011

If it’s springtime, it must be annual reporting time. We here at know our audience likes to do business with sustainably minded organizations, and there’s one award-winning company that specializes in annual report development and production that you should know. New CarbonFree® Partner Smart Media – The Annual Report Company are global specialists in producing Annual Reports of great quality and impact for a wide range of clientele. It is their sole focus area, and they own a near perfect recipe that delivers on client expectations every time. Over the past fifteen years, they’ve produced 1,361 annual reports for clients from a wide spectrum of enterprises, offering both print and online annual report services, and now they’re going carbon neutral. Over the years, Smart Media has developed ‘many feet in many countries,’ expanding their footprint across the globe. But in an effort to limit their carbon footprint, Smart Media has developed a carbon offsetting program for the print development, production and delivery to client of their annual report projects. This environmentally-focused program underscores the smart thinking at Smart Media and as a result delivers one more smart advantage to Smart Media annual report clients. Smart Media delivers the full scope of annual report project development and production: knowledge and process leadership, designers, writers, photographers, pre-press, printers. Their technology is state-of-the-art and augments their well developed capabilities to work across geographical divides, whether you’re in Greenland or Vanuatu won’t really matter… Smart Media is close! Smart Media is led by Dr. Vijith Kannangara, one of the most widely experienced professionals in the field of crafting and producing Annual Reports. He founded Smart Media over 15 years ago to specialize in what he saw was a very important niche in marketing communications. To date, Smart Media is one of the very few companies in the world that is focused exclusively on Annual Reports.  Dr. Kannangara is a medical doctor turned entrepreneur and serves as the Chairman of the Children’s Heart Project of Sri Lanka, an organization supporting the improvement of diagnosis, treatment and care of children’s heart disease. And last September, Smart Media – The Annual Report Company became world champions by clinching the coveted Platinum Award at the 24th International ARC Awards in New York. Smart Media became the first company outside the USA, UK and Continental Europe to achieve global champion status. The ARCs, popularly dubbed the Oscars of Annual Reports, placed Smart Media at the pinnacle of its game amidst a large gathering of top corporate executives from most of the top companies from across the world. This year, think smart about your annual report production and check out the award winning work of Smart Media.