Sleep Well, Sleep Green

September 06, 2011

GBS Enterprises is a leading supplier of mattress and pillow protection products with products branded under the Protect-All, Healthy Sleep and Rest Assured brands names.  The company’s aim is to offer products that provide a healthy sleep environment. But they also are committed to offering products in a way that also provides a healthier global environment. In an effort to become a more earth-friendly company, GBS Enterprises challenged itself to look at its daily operations and to identify actions that would save energy. After an initial review, they made basic changes that every business can easily make. Quite simply, they reduced.  They implemented a company recycling program, a lights-off policy, decreased heating and cooling systems, and changed printing habits. However, GBS also recognizes that it can’t reduce all emissions by changing habits so they have also mitigated their carbon footprint on products and operations. Since 2009, GBS has mitigated over 2,800 metric tonnes of CO2 though support of’s carbon reduction projects. This amount is similar to greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 975 tons of waste not sent to the landfill, the CO2 emissions from 313,900 gallons of gasoline consumed, or the carbon sequestered by 71,795 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. GBS provides an important example of a US business that is living the motto by reducing the emissions they can, and offsetting the emissions they can’t. For more information please visit: