ShareASale – True Performance Marketing

March 07, 2012

ShareASale is a unique CarbonFree® Partner and one of the leading affiliate marketing solutions available. By connecting affiliates with the growing list of 2,500 merchants in the ShareASale network, they are providing award winning technology to both retailers and affiliates alike to drive sales and revenue. ShareASale Client Services offers affiliate program guidance and consulting options ranging from strategic planning and execution to creative design and implementation. Shareasale also runs a very successful blog maintained by Brian Littleton, President and CEO of, Inc that  covers a large variety of topics.

In addition to providing one of the most effective customer acquisition methods on the web, ShareASale is a strong supporter of Their donations are supporting third-party validated carbon reduction projects that are fighting climate change today. Since heir continued support is the equivalent to offsetting the CO2 emissions from the 1300 cars per year, the carbon sequestered annually by over 1,400 acres of pine forest, or the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling over 2,300 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill. ShareASale is making a real, measurable impact in the fight to stop climate change. We encourage all individuals and businesses to take action today and offset your carbon footprint!