A Shade of Green in a Sustainable New Year!

December 29, 2010

Greening a business or organization used to be something only a huge Fortune 500 company could afford or a small mom & pop shop was interested in. As environmental impact continues to grow as a priority, Strategic Sustainability Consultants (SSC) recognized the need to deliver sustainability consultation to organizations and businesses of any size, scaling options to meet the needs of smaller organizations. They call this, “Sustainability for every organization.” SSC helps clients calculate their carbon footprint and discover their “current shade of green,” or, if it’s already a sustainable business, help communicate the lovely shade of green they’ve already achieved. SSC guides clients with services including green audits, sustainability reports and green communications audits. Moreover, they believe part of the consultant/client relationship is knowledge transfer, which they bring about through customized workshops, webinars, presentations, and even in-house training sessions. Strategic Sustainability Solutions makes sure to practice what they preach, boasting their own nice shade of green and living by the motto to “Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.” In fact, SSC is one of’s newest CarbonFree® partners, having recently offset the emissions that could not be reduced by supporting’s third-party validated renewable energy projects. Additionally, SSC conducts an annual green audit on themselves and over three years of audits were able to create a 44% reduction in absolute tons of GHG emissions, a 55% reduction in carbon per man-hour, and a 70% reduction in carbon per dollar of revenue. That is something to cheer in a Sustainable New Year!