SGP Provides Stylish and Smart Device Protection

December 02, 2011

Do the stylish people on your holiday shopping list need a good partner to help protect their new phones, tablets, laptops, and readers? Sure they do, and here’s the partner to help. SGP is a company which designs and manufactures scratch-resistant coating films and cases to ensure the everlasting quality of your delicate devices. Their products are designed and manufactured with a mind-set to maintain the highest quality standards, and their “Direct to Customer” marketing approach helps to curtail marketing costs and allows SGP to pass on savings to the customers with competitive prices. SGP distributes its products worldwide and offers amazing lifetime warranty on all its products. And SGP’s commitment extends to environmental responsibility.  In the fast-paced and ever-changing consumer electronics industry, SGP has grown tremendously and has committed to give back to the essential needs of our world. “At SGP, we strive to protect our customers’ favorite gadgets. That is why we felt it was natural to take the steps towards protecting our environment by joining has given SGP the opportunity to help in the reforestation and prevention of deforestation of our world’s rainforests. We are excited to be a part of this effort to improve the world for this generation and the next,” says James Jeon, President, United SGP Corp. SGP knows that participating in carbon offsets programs is great. However, environmental responsibilities should not be limited to projects; it should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. Accordingly, SGP’s office has implemented several environmental practices to curb their carbon footprint. So if your holiday gift-giving includes the latest in electronic gadgets, be sure to protect those gifts with the cases and protective films from the sgpstore, a company dedicated to protecting devices and the environment.