SFG Productions Helps Companies Do Good By Offering Carbon Neutral Events

March 02, 2021

Brooklyn-based SFG Productions helps companies tell their story, no matter the medium, through producing live and virtual events, corporate videos, and creative services for clients that demand a creative approach and meticulous attention to detail.  SFG prioritizes working with companies who are doing good in their own communities and that align with their sustainability values.

SFG Productions ensures carbon emissions from all in-person events and shows are offset through  SFG’s goal is to become a carbon neutral company.  As part of this initiative, SFG joined the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program, neutralizing 72 metric tonnes (almost 160,000 pounds) of greenhouse gases emissions from business operations.  The entire SFG team supports the mission to reduce SFG’s impact on the environment by following sustainable practices and eliminating the amount of waste produced.

“One of our core values is Help Do Good. For us, doing good means that we actively work to make our communities a better and cleaner place. We seek out clients that are mission-driven and have the same values as us. offers a straightforward and approachable model that makes it easy to offset our business activities and fulfill our core values.”