Samsung Makes Splash at CES 2010, Partners with to Offset Presence at Show

January 07, 2010

SAMSUNG1Samsung makes a broad range of consumer electronics, and at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2010), the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, the company has made a number of announcements. Introducing the world to its new products at its booth #11026, Samsung has also addressed the environmental impact of participating at the show by offsetting its presence at the show, including the booth, which is the largest at CES, transportation, and lodging. CES“We are proud to partner with Samsung and offset the company’s presence at ICES 2010,” said Eric Carlson,’s president. “It’s one of the ways that Samsung is demonstrating initiative on protecting our environment, while helping to create awareness that everyone should Reduce What They Can, Offset What They Can’t™ to fight climate change today.” Samsung is offsetting in support of the Tensas River Nat’l Wildlife Refuge Reforestation Project. CES2Samsung’s commitment to the environment is also expressed in its Plug-In To eCycling program, which promotes and fosters opportunities for consumers to donate or safely recycle their used electronics and replace them with new environmentally-friendly models. At the show, Samsung is unveiling its eco-design and energy efficient products including LED (light-emitting diode) TVs, 30″ free-standing induction ranges and other products. TV3The company released a survey it conducted in November that found a full 45 percent of respondents say they’d be a lot more likely to purchase consumer electronics from a company that produces energy efficient products. While 74 percent of consumers feel it is their duty to save the planet for future generations, 60 percent also cite saving money as a leading reason for trying to be more environmentally conscious. Please visit to learn more about how you can reduce and offset the carbon footprint of your business or event by supporting third-party validated carbon reduction projects in the US and abroad. You can also learn about Samsung’s environmental commitment and programs at Images Courtesy of CNET/CBS Interactive, Engadget/AOL News