Samsung Among Leading Companies in Managing Carbon Emissions

September 20, 2010

Managing greenhouse gas emissions is increasingly a part of how businesses need to operate. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) asks global companies annually about their emissions, as well as risks, opportunities and actions in mitigating climate change. The outcome of this year’s CDP report places Samsung, a partner, among the top five companies in carbon disclosure and performance. Carbon performance includes actions taken to reduce emissions and integration of climate-related priorities in business strategy, governance and communications. The other companies in the top five this year are Siemens, Deutsche Post, BASF and Bayer. “Carbon management is becoming a strategic business priority and competitive driver for the largest global companies, despite the lack of global agreement on climate change,” said the CDP. Also, 85 percent of leading global companies surveyed reported having board or senior executive level responsibility for climate change and nearly half, 48 percent, are now embedding climate change initiatives into the overall business strategy and across the organization. recently launched Carbon ExpressTrack™, a web-based solution for businesses that makes carbon management and accounting more accessible and affordable, so more businesses can monitor and mitigate their emissions. Click here to learn more. The uncertainty over regulations on climate change is affecting companies around the world, yet nine in ten companies surveyed note significant commercial opportunities in mitigating climate change. This year’s CDP report was produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.