SAM+LEO Expands Environmental Commitment through Carbonfree Partnership

March 21, 2022

SAM+LEO is devoted to ungendered, clean products in environmentally-friendly packaging for Generation Z. They are committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, most sustainable packaging possible, and actively listening to what Generation Z wants, needs, and is asking for.

SAM+LEO is a game-changer.

They are the first to consider Gen Z alongside its beliefs and values. Why do products need to be gendered? They are also flexible and nimble and take the time to listen to the various voices of Gen Z and consider the products they are looking for through their teen years into their early 20s.

SAM+LEO is a purpose-driven, social impact company devoted to Gen Z and clean body care options. Everything to do, say and live by falls into these pillars:

 Inclusivity  Positivity  Education  Sustainability 100% Real  Environment-friendly

SAM+LEO is focused on sustainability in its products and in their business operations. In an effort to be carbon neutral for their business operations, SAM+LEO joined the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program, neutralizing 36 MT of carbon emissions by supporting our projects around the world.

“SAM+LEO is not just a new product line with proprietary formulations. We are creating a movement, community, and voice for Gen Z. We studied what Gen Z cares about and knew that we could develop effective products, in environmentally friendly packaging, with the ethos of kindness only, inclusivity and authenticity, “ said Dara Erck, Founder.

The SAM+LEO deodorant container is made with 100% PCR material and is fully recyclable. Fulfillment will be conducted by the Founder for the foreseeable future. The outer mailer is made out of recycled paper and they offer slower shipping options to reduce carbon emissions. Look for SAM+LEO’s gummy vitamin line in a compostable pouch hitting the website soon.