Running Community Grows with More 5K & 10K Events

July 27, 2010

Running’s getting more popular in fitness routines in part because of 5K and 10K runs. Just in the Washington, DC area the Washington Running Report lists many such races. They can be great opportunities to plan a day or weekend around without becoming exhausted. In the DC area, a great place to get ready for a race is Pacers. It’s not just a running store, but a community. Pacers Running Stores have several locations in the DC metro area. They provide running and walking footwear, apparel, accessories and nutrition products. Their website highlights upcoming races, including 5 & 10K events as well as marathons and triathlons, and is strong on connecting racers with each other through social media, including twitter, facebook, YouTube and more. Pacers also has an iPhone app, which keeps you informed about events while you’re on-the-go. Pacers also is active in the community, supporting causes like the fight against climate change by partnering with to collect donations from the community. You can learn more about Pacers at, and learn how you or your business can also support by visiting our website.